About our Bellows


Everyone should own a Firehawk Bellow. This ultimate handcrafted fire tool emblazed with the flaming hawk stamp - the mark of a genuine top quality bellow. Created with outstanding attention to craftsmanship, design detail and creativeness from the finest materials. Firehawk Bellows are perfect for a wide variety of applications such as braaiing, camping, travel or as a gift.

Firehawk Bellows


With the Premium and Traditional ranges, we machine a rebate into the edge of the paddle where the leather is attached.  This makes the leather and wood have a more seamless, flush and modern look. 

Why Different Styles, Shapes and Sizes?

All styles, shapes and sizes perform exceptionally well. 

The options allows one to choose a product that suits their brand, style and taste

Small Bellows are compact for traveling, camping, gifting and great for retail merchandise, they have a fast pump action for rapid blasts of targeted air.  The pipe tip to top of handle is 34cm.

Large Bellows are very traditional and have a slower pump action with longer blasts of targeted air.  The pipe tip to top of handle is 43.5cm.

Premium Range:  Made from imported Birch plywood for strength, durability and lightness

Traditional Range:  We have used caramel Bamboo for the darker colour, but still maintaining a modern feel and strength.



Choose from a selection of 8 of our favourite colour combos. 

rope handle colours for fire bellows


*True material colours may not display  correctly on a digital screen